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Action Steps to Improve Your Lifestyle FAST So, you get up one morning and you have a look at yourself in the mirror and you realized that you’re in a very rut. you do not know what had happened, but you’ve lost motivation, you’ve lost energy, you’ve lost your mojo. In today’s video, gents, I’m visiting provide you with ten tips, ten action steps so you’ll improve your lifestyle, fast. Tip preferred.

Reward yourself frequently and confirm that your rewards are line up along with your goals. Guys, this can be simple gamification, and that I think it’s one of all the foremost powerful stuff you can do to realign your life in the right direction. return and appearance at the sport Metroid.

Does anyone remember this? So, as you bear once you play these games, you realized that each reward you’re getting they’re coming off and they are coming frequently and that they facilitate your advance to the following level. So, I’m visiting to speak about a variety of rewards here in future points and that I want you to work out as you’ll be able to see how I’m leveraging these to induce to the following step. Tip number two.

Come to life early which you’ve probably heard before, but here is my system. So, during the weekdays 5:00 AM, on the weekends6:00 AM. Now, my reward after I get up in the morning, a fresh cup of coffee. I’m allowed to possess whatever creamers I would like. But, I quite set this up because I don want to be drinking coffee all day, so I’m allowed to possess the maximum amount of coffee as I would like until10:00 within the morning.

So, you see I quite gamify it because I’ve got this window within which I’m allowed to possess whatever coffees I would like, but that does motivate me to urge I forestall to my morning coffee. Now, another thing I do is attend to bed early.

That helps a lot. But, as an example, I got a nasty night’s sleep and so I’ve got an accountability partner who I’m visiting meet with at 5:30. But, as you’ll be able to see I’ve founded these systems which help me consistently get up early. Tip number three. Try something new. Men, we are creatures of habit and oftentimes we mire in a very rut because we’re just doing the identical thing again and again.

We actually must change it up, maybe it’s changing our toilet article, maybe it’s getting a replacement razor, a replacement style of the razor, maybe adding some color to our wardrobe. Whatever it’s going to be, guys, rummage around for to having something new inject into your wardrobe to inject into your routine and take a look at something new. and that I know lots of you guys don’t need to travel out there shopping you do not want to travel out there and experimenting, you wish something curated and dropped at you.

That’s why check plenty of my videos and I am happy to bring you the sponsor of this video, Bespoke Post. Now, many of you guys are asking me for over two years about Bespoke Post because there are some pretty interesting claims out there like that they deliver awesome during a box that they really deliver $70 plus worth important for $45.

And, you know, like Antonio is the stuff really, what does one really consider this? So, let me show you a package they simply sent me and why I feel that they’re an awesome deal. All right. So, I’m visiting open this one up, and they are it’s like they require to rebuild my Dopp kit and my grooming kit. Okay, that’s cool. Let me check whoa! Hey, Blue Claw.

So, I’ll tell you guys as soon as I saw there was a Blue Claw piece of baggage in here, I’m like this can be good to travel. I’ve got been to the factory, I recognize the workmanship. I do know Adam and what he’s doing there. Then, I’m going in here and I am like, hey, these don’t seem to be your average sample sizes.

There are other subscription services that mean literally you get the little containers. I mean have a look at that. I buy all I mean that’s a full-size shampoo. All right. I’ve never even tried this styling clay. Cool. I mean this is often really cool. All of those for $45. researching, checking all of that out.

Toothpaste, this is often actually pretty cool, I’ve never tried this one. Drinkwel, if I’ve got a touch little bit of hangover I’m not feeling good within the morning. Hey, going back to point beloved. I’ve got a face wash by Cremo Cream. I’m accustomed to these guys, I’ve never used this though.

And then, I’ve got a viewing another, a bar of soap here, and what’s this? Hand face moisturizer. So, I feel that’s a fairly cool container. And, again, what I like about these subscription services is it’s delivered right to your box. Now, what I really like about Bespoke Post is you’ll be able to turn it off.

You’ll be able to actually preview what you are going to induce and you’ll be able to say, you recognize what I’m not into that. I do not need that. I’ve already got a Dopp kit. I’ve got everything cool there. Don’t bother sending it to me. But, what I actually love about this is often if you get the Blue Claw and you take a look at the price of a Dopp kit, $62 guys.

That’s quite the value of this one that came fully stocked. So, these guys are becoming you a good deal. Definitely take a look at Bespoke Post. Use code RMRS for an excellent discount. Tip number four. move to the gym, exercise, go running, make sure of your body within the morning. Now, many of you guys have heard that before, but here is my system.

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