2021 Data Analytics Trends


Data Analytics! We rely on data big time! In present era, where data analytics helps businesses to better grasp their competition so that they can remain competitive in the long run, this is completely true.

Due to the obvious rapid increase wherein the businesses are implementing this tech, it is also probable that data analytics technology may rise five times by 2025. And it is not that much!

Other developments focused on artificial intelligence, including machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), are also becoming more common among businesses in combination with data analytics. So, let us explore all of the popular trends in data analytics that could rule in 2021.

7 Data Analytics Trends for 2021

In past years, these patterns have become common and far more relevant after the COVID-19 epidemic. Now, the entire world has turned digital in 2020, generating more data than it has ever been, it is difficult to overstate the value of data analytics today.

So, let us examine the data analytics patterns which are so critical heading into 2021, like blockchain, decision intelligence, x analytics, edge computing, data storytelling, augmented analytics data cloud services.

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Blockchain uses “blocks” that represent digital data linked through cryptography, so each block refers the previous block of the chain. Because the blockchain is a decentralized technology, it is also very transparent and secure as well.

Blockchain from the accessible distributed ledger technology such as R3 Corda, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum, Bitcoin, etc. are being used by many businesses these days, improving data protection and in turn, improving the quality of the data since so much is safe only the essential data.

Decision Intelligence

Everything that a business does, there is just no question that if they want to succeed in the business world, they have to make sound decisions. Data Science and ML will contribute to this decision-making to be able to boost the end result for businesses.

Decision intelligence, combined with the principles of decision-making and management science, is essentially a hybrid field combining AI with data science.

In straightforward words, this implies that by using this data, decision-makers such as company owners, shareholders, etc. could use machine learning models to gain knowledge from their information and make the right decisions.

Augmented Analytics

With the market expected to rise from $8.4 B USD in 2018 to about $18.4 B USD globally by 2023, augmented analytics has become increasingly common. So, it is no wonder that in 2020 it already is widely used, with further growth potential in 2021.

By discovering a new way to build, grow, and share data analytics with the aid of artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented analytics will boost data analytics used by businesses.

This implies that organizations can optimize many data analytics capabilities, including but not limited to data model development, data analysis, and construction.

Augmented analytics even makes it a lot easier to connect with both the data and clarify the created data insights that assist in the analysis and interpretation of data. This has totally altered the nature of data analytics and business intelligence, through which consumers can quickly collect, clean, but instead identify similarities or trends of data.

Data Stories

At present, a number of data modeling dashboards are used in the data analytics sector to transmit the data to decision-makers including certain shareholders in a business.

However, data stories are no becoming increasingly popular than ever before. So, you would rather just analyze facts and statistics about the details compiled in a report or see a story that reveals the corporate data path? Most of you will choose a nice story any day! That is why, particularly for experts in the field who do not have domain-specific skills in data analysis, data stories have become so famous.

Big Data Computing

Although big corporations such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, can handle their data in DWHs easily, it is very hard for smaller businesses to process and store information in order to gain intelligence.

That is why cloud platforms have become so common for data analytics now. Businesses can use DaaS (Data as a Service) to further reach their target audience using knowledge, optimize some of their manufacturing, build better products as per consumer demand, respectively. In reality, DaaS is expected to be used by about 90% of large businesses to create detailed profit by 2021.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing ensures that the data storage and computer centres are near the topology’s edge in which this data is communicated or processed. This is a safer choice than getting these storage facilities in a centralized geographic area that is potentially hundreds of miles away from the information being generated or even used.

Edge Computing means that there is no data delay that can impact the output of a request and thus decreases the lost revenue in the transmission of data. And when the waste of money is reduced, the technology will surely be famous which makes it another big trend in data analysis world.

X analytics

So far, Data Analytics is largely confined to a single category of information in table format. The information that immediately springs to mind is many numbers of rows over rows in a spreadsheet, often when someone thinks about analytics. A business, however, also has several other forms of data, like text, video, and even audio.

So, if businesses have to get competitive in the long run, they should also use this form of data. That is everything that X analytics is about. Visual analytics, textual analytics, audio analytics, and so on and so forth may mean this.


All of the above-mentioned trends in data analytics can alter the functioning of businesses in 2021 and offer you a competitive advantage. These innovations are already being used by some big names to big success. If you are someone who wants to explore data analytics as a career, today is the right time. Just get your hands on popular data analytics certifications such as python certification and course training and begin your career.


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