3 simple ways to recruit quality executive candidates using executive search software

Every head-hunter is keen to recruit the best executives for their clients. But it’s quite a challenge to find such candidates of superior calibre right when you need it. Senior-level executives and C-suite executives are extremely in demand.

They’re also not always actively seeking new positions. Thus, head-hunters must utilize the power of executive recruitment software if they want to source the best executives.

Executive search firms must realize that not every CRM system is the same or offers identical features and benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to be thorough when looking around for an executive search software that is right for the business. Here are three simple ways search firms can make the most of recruiting CRM software to find quality candidates.

1.         Channel the combined power of big data and AI

Big data and Artificial Intelligence can reduce time-consuming activities like sourcing candidates, screening resumes, manually creating reports, etc. Big data has the power to source publicly available information and present it to users on a single platform.

Without this efficient tool, head-hunters would be stuck with only using LinkedIn Recruiter and relying on their own talent pool. While these do offer vast resources, they cannot be compared with the formidable advantages presented by a powerful executive search software.

An AI-enabled executive recruitment software brings relevant candidate information to the forefront. Head-hunters will be able to easily collect comprehensive data on a top-tier executive without having to invest time on deep research. They can compile meaningful candidate data on quality executive candidates. This helps their clients to have informed hiring decisions.

2.         Focus on vertical markets

Organizations hire the services of executive search firms because they specialize in finding and placing the best-qualified senior executives in the market. Networking and industry knowledge are vital components of executive search.

Head-hunters can get additional support via the use of executive recruitment software. It is customary for recruiters to build a candidate search database. However,

The answers to inserting good executives in the database lie in being able to source the best executives. Hence, marketing mapping is essential to a head-hunter’s work. It’s also strategic to staying updated on industry knowledge.

Being familiar with all the vertical markets is especially crucial when a head-hunter has to fill a strategic position within a niche industry. Senior executives are already highly in demand – now think about how challenging it can get to find a senior executive from a niche industry at the perfect time.

It is only by working with executive recruitment software that head-hunters get an edge over their competitors. The software can suggest candidates who are similarly qualified and in a similar position within the industry.

3.         Going back to networking

Executive search is all about networking. Yes, we’ve talked about this enough in the above points but this is the heart of the matter when it comes to headhunting. But it’s a sad truth that these days head-hunters often find themselves inundated with paperwork.

This leaves little time for building stronger relationships with potential candidates and clients. Therefore, executive search firms need to partner with the right executive software system.

First of all, recruitment CRM automates many of the admin tasks which frees a recruiter’s time. They’re now able to focus on networking. Once big data and AI help identify potential executives, head-hunters can reach out to them and slowly start a conversation.

While such executives are generally hard to connect with, the global outbreak has made everyone accessible and receptive to longer conversations. Communication plays a big role in strengthening relationships. Executive search software can store information systematically, help in keeping candidates engaged, etc.


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