Addy and Maya Turn Into TROLLS !!!


Addy and Maya Turn Into TROLLS This is a paid advertisement for Zuru. Watch out, guys! – No! (logo boinging) Well, the movie’s over, Maya. Watch it again? – Were you girls watching that new Trolls movie again? – Yeah, we love it but we’ve watched it so many times now. We need to find something else to do.

Yeah, with all the time we’re spending at home, we’re getting kind of bored. We need a real adventure, Mom. – Well, I have a feeling your boredom is about to come to an end. – (gasps) What do you mean? – What if I told you we have some Bunch O Balloons? (girls screaming) (logo boinging) – One hundred water balloons in sixty seconds?

And I don’t have to tie them? Backyard fun can’t get any easier. (cheerful music) (faucet squeaking)(cheerful music) Looks good. (water splashing) One batch more. (cheerful music) And with this new TerraCycle program, all parts of the product can be recycled and repurposed into other products, pretty cool! (cheerful music) Almost there. (balloons detaching)(hose spraying) Ready for battle. (logo boinging)

Wow, the new Bunch O Balloons Crazies are the wackiest and the most colorful balloons yet! – Well, then you girls can head outside and get ready for the craziest, most colorful backyard family water balloon fight in history. – Oh, I’m so down for that. – Your dad and I will join you in just a few minutes, you girls go ahead and get a head start. – [Both] Yeah! (upbeat music) Woo hoo! (mysterious whirring) – Whoa, what just happened? You’re a troll. – What? You’re a troll, too. – I am? I am.

I think we watched that movie one too many times, Addy. (playful music) – And look, it’s Poppy. – Oh, new troll friends, so exciting, but we have to run. – Run, why? – Oh, there’s the new chef for the Bergens and he wants to make troll soup for dinner. – Troll soup! That is so not cool. – I will not be dinner, sounds like we need a battle. – Let’s go to the back yard, this calls for someBunch O Balloons action. – Supertastic plan, come on.

Where did that peppy pink troll disappear to now? Do I smell two mini trolls as well? The Bergens are going to be thrilled. (logo boinging) (upbeat music) – Ready? Go! (screaming) (laughing) – You go next, Poppy! – Okay! – Come on, Poppy! (screaming) – Wowzers, I’ve gotta get one of these. – Nice one, Poppy! – [Both] Come on Maya, come on! (yelling) (logo boinging) – Aha, the trolls, come chef, my tasty little treats! It’s time to get in my soup!

Totally coloristic, these water balloons are as bright and colorful as trolls! – I totally agree Poppy, but right now we got to focus on him. (dramatic music) (gasps) – Take that! – (grunts) What in the world was that? – Here comes some more! – Hmmm? – Hey, if you think a few water balloons are going to stop me from feeding the Bergens, well, then you’re mistaken. – Oh,

We will not be on the main course tonight. Come on, girls! (funky, upbeat music)(water balloons exploding) (water splashing) (water balloons exploding)(Chef grunting) – Here comes some more! (water balloon exploding) (groans) – Ooh! (water balloons exploding) (water splashing) – Here comes some more! – Ah! Ah! Ah! – It’s working, it’s working!

We’re pushing him back! (water balloons jostling) – Ooh! (peppy music)(water balloons squeaking) – Yes, yes! I got him! – Ah haha! Ugh! – Oh why can’t I just buy frozen trolls from the market! Fresh trolls are too much work, I’ll be back with my own water weapon. (funky, upbeat music) (logo boinging) – And left, and right, and left, and right, And left, and right– – What on earth are you doing? – Stretching,

I’m taking this family water balloon battle very seriously. – (laughs) I guess so, so did you already set up the water slide for the girls? – Yep, sure did, and there’s are a few X-ShotFast-Fills out there too! – Okay, great! I have a few more things for us to battle with. – Oh looks like it, what do you get there? – Well, I’ve got the bunch O Balloons launcher, a few more water balloons packs, and check this out.

The X-Shot Fast-Fill, the-Shot Micro Fast-Fill, and the Epic Fast-Fill. – Nice variety, looks great! I should be ready for battle in a few more minutes. – Good, because those poor girls are probably outside just waiting for us. (upbeat music) (logo boinging) (X-Shot Fast-Fill gurgling) (water splashing) – It’s time to up our game with the ultimate water blaster!

The X-Shot Fast-Fill, it fills in just one second! – One second! I’m going to need one of these! How does it work? – It’s easy peasy, just dunk it in the water and let its rapid seal technology do the work. – Okay, here goes nothing! (X-Shot Fast-Fill gurgling)(upbeat rock music) – So that’s how it’s done! – Okay, I’m back, and I’m ready to take these trolls for dinner!

And this time, I’m prepared. (upbeat rock music) Take this, you cheerful little bundles of happiness! (upbeat rock music) – He can’t be serious, can he? – I think he is. – Oh just wait till he realizes that these babies can blast up to thirty feet. – Fire girls! (upbeat rock music) – Pew, pew! Pew, pew, pew, pew! Hmm, this doesn’t quite have the reach I was hoping for.

This is not okay! Not okay at all! (shrieks) (upbeat rock music) (X-Shot Fast-Fill pumping) (laughing) (groaning) – Take that, Chef! – You will not be making troll soup for dinner tonight, mister! – Oh yeah! (laughs) – The Bergens will just have to have something else for dinner! I’m not getting paid enough for this nonsense.

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