CRAZY Alligator Snapping Turtle Bite,

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Turtle Bite! I’m Coyote Peterson, and today I’m visiting be bitten by an infinite alligator turtle. Ready? Here we go. Ready? One, two, three. (screams) (intense, fast music) o.k., guys. So at once, I’m sitting here, geez, calm down, with a 50-pound alligator turtle.

A pair of months back, I posted a photograph on Instagram and Facebook, and asked the question, “Should I be bitten by an alligator snapping turtle?” I used to be expecting you guys to mention, “No way Coyote, don’t have it away.” But surprisingly, over 95% of you said, “Yes,

We would like to work out what it’s like if an alligator bites you.” Now I have been stung by a scorpion, I have been quilled by a porcupine, I have been batted around by an Ursus horribilis. But nothing, I do not think, makes me more nervous than to urge my arm into the jaws of this turtle.

Now let’s take a glance at his actual bite force here. have a look at that. That bite could easily chop off my finger, so you are not gonna see me doing this. But what I’m gonna do is really put my arm into the turtle’s jaws. Now we’re visiting test this out first with a turkey drumstick, which is about as big around as my forearm, just to work out what style of damage this turtle’s jaws are capable of doing.

I do know you guys are probably sitting there without delay thinking, “Coyote, you’re absolutely crazy.” My heart (laughs) is speeding right away, and uh, yeah, I believe this can be pretty crazy. If you guys had all said, “No, no, no. Definitely don’t do this”, I probably wouldn’t have done it. But there’s such a lot of you that wanted to work out me chomped by an alligator turtle, I believe I need to bear with it.

We’ve got bought some giant turkey legs to try to do a test to work out just how powerful this snapping bite force is. And you’re thinking that this is often crazy, right Adam? – Yeah, I would not jazz. – Now, take a look at that. That is, that’s solid meat and bone right there. And if you take a look at my forearm, that’s uh, that’s about as thick as my forearm is.

That’s a giant turkey drumstick right there. And uh, my arm feels nearly identical. It’s all muscle right there. Muscle and bone. So what we’re gonna do is attach this drumstick to the rear of a chunk of bamboo. I’m visiting reach it out, and I am gonna let that latch down on this, and we’re gonna see just how hard and deep his jaws delve that meat. I mean, if he cuts all the way through right down to the bone, I do not know guys, I do not want to urge injured so bad that I’m sent to the hospital.

He gets through this drumstick, he’s getting through my arm. Are you ready? – [Voiceover] Yep. – okay, bring that dragon in here. All right, so lay him just reasonably right abreast of the top here. Let’s put him just slightly off the front edge. Got a decent shot on it. very well, here we go guys.

This can be an alligator turtle biting down on a turkey drumstick. Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh. Holy cow, did you see how deep his beak just went into that meat? Dude, guys, I do not fathom that. – Hold it there. – Oh my gosh, does one hear that? – That’s once they bite the worst after you start moving. (intense music) – (chuckles) we do not have much of a turkey drumstick anymore at this time. study the meat is simply slumped.

That was a solid turkey drumstick. that’s his lower beak. that is the hole that the lower beak made. I do not know, man. that’s some serious damage to the meat. – [Adam] Let’s re-think this. – Let’s re-think this. Okay, cut the camera. – [Coyote] The alligator turtle features a bite force of around 1200 pounds per area unit.

After seeing what it did to the drumstick, there was no way I was putting my arm in its mouth unprotected. Sorry guys. – you simply grow one set of fingers. Just always remember that. – [Coyote] However, soI could still bear with this tiny experimental challenge, we decided to make a brace on my arm using an ACE bandage, four splints, and a few sports wrap. Hopefully, this mixture will give me some protection against the bite.

This is, not a decent idea. Kids, never, ever, ever do this reception. And 95% of you that convinced me to try and do this, thanks, guys. Man, examine that bite. It feels like, looks like a cleaver coming down. Yeah, that’s bad. My arm is on the point of go in that. All right, you guys ready? (scary, intense music) (breaths heavily) Nervous, very nervous. Okay. I’m Coyote Peterson, and I am near to enter the strike zone with the alligator turtle.

Adam, you bought a decent hold on it? alright, Mark, you ready? GoPro, ready? Here we go. Ready? One, two, three. (screams and groans) Ooh, I can hear a crack within the bamboo. Oh, geez. (screams) He’s through, he’s through, he’s through into my arm. (groans) Geez, it went right past the bamboo and into my arm. (groans) Yep, he pierced the skin. I can definitely feel it. Ido does not think I need to try to do that again.

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