Daily Makeup Tutorial Draping.


Hi! Daily Makeup Tutorial Draping. You’re watching the Go Beauty channel! Our model Olga belongs to the European type of appearance, as evidenced by dark-brown hair, gray-blue eyes, and medium-tinted skin. Olga has a rectangular face shape. To determine the most advantageous shades in makeup (cold or warm) we use the technique of “draping”.

Draping – the application of fabrics or paper of various colors to the face to see which color fit and which doesn’t. If the color does not fit: You look older. Redness, pallor, or dark earthy tint may appear on the face. There may be bruises under the eyes, even if they were not there before. Minor imperfections of the skin become more noticeable.

First, you see the color, and then You. If color matches Skin looks healthy. Wrinkles, capillaries, and bruises under the eyes are less noticeable. There is no pallor, no unhealthy darkness, no redness. You are noticeable at first and then the color. How to make the draping technique??? You need natural light but avoid direct sunlight. You must sit facing the light. No makeup.

Behind (preferably) there should be a neutral background. If the hair is dyed (cardinally, because toning that is close to your natural color affects not much), cover them with a kerchief of white or medium gray Apply a cloth of different colors (or paper) to your face and look at the reaction of the skin. Warm colors! Warm colors –

Those in which there is an orange (red-yellow) sub-color. Even blue color when adding a drop of orange pigment becomes noticeably warmer. Visually, warm colors seem closer than similar cold ones, which seem to be moving away. Cold colors – those to which blue pigment was added.

For example, the red color to which a droplet of blue color was added will be colder than its “clean” version. The only exception to this rule is the orange color. This color remains warm under any conditions. Pay attention to this scheme: Today makeup will be springtime and in natural shades. This type of makeup is suitable for all women. Stages of makeup: Let’s get started.

In the beginning, we wipe the face with tonic or micellar water. **Interesting to know: paradoxically, this product was originally created not for cosmetic needs, but in the manufacture of wet wipes for newborns. And then these same napkins somehow got into the field of vision of makeup artists who worked at fashion shows:

This product quickly removed the makeup, without requiring rinsing. Next, apply circular motions base for makeup, taking into account the type of skin (moisturizing or matting). If your skin gets to shine in the T-zone during the day, it means that you have a combination of fat-prone skin. If there is no shine, but rather a desire to moisten the skin, you have dry skin.

To choose the perfect tone, you need to apply a little cream on the lower part of the cheekbone. Ideally, when applied, it should not stand out, create boundaries, and completely merge with the shade of your skin. We apply tonal cream with the help of a brush. Flat brush – for the application of tonal means.

Now we turn to create the shape of the eyebrows. Using skew brush and shadows filling the space between the hairs. Shade Taup (brown-gray) is the most universal. Beveled brush – сreates perfect lines Shades of peach tone is applied by brush on the entire mobile eyelid.

Under the eyebrow, we apply light pearl shades in the tone of “champagne” thereby making the line of the eyebrows more distinct. Flat brush – for applying dry, liquid, and cream eyeshadow Now drawing a thin arrow with black eyeliner. Brush with super-thin tip – creates clear lines The lower eyelid we shade with a soft green pencil.

The inner corner is worked out with shades in the tone of “champagne” to give freshness to the look. Flat brush – for applying dry, liquid, and cream eyeshadow Then staining eyelashes with an extension mascara. Brush for eyelashes – brush for applying mascara and separation of eyelashes.

Also suitable for eyebrows makeup With light movements brushing face with the powder. On the cheeks, we put the blush of the universal peach shade. Brush – for applying blush If there is a goal to bring the rectangular face form closer to the oval, the main task of makeup is sculpting in such a way as to transfer the accent from the contours of the face to its center.

To do this, we use the blush (darker tone) along the line of hair growth on the forehead, on the sides of the forehead, under the cheekbones, and from the corners of the lower jaw to the chin, as if smoothing the corners. Let’s emphasize the lips with a matte lipstick salmon or a universal natural-pink hue.

Brush for the lips – will help apply lipstick as neatly as possible For the transformation of daytime makeup into the evening makeup, we will put the dark brown shades with glitter on the fold of the mobile age. Then adding mother-of-pearl into the corners of the eyes and work through the mucous eyes with kohl of natural shade (do not resort to this method if you have large round eyes).

Kohl – contour cosmetic pencil used for eyeliner of the inner edge of the eyelid. The main difference between kohl from other decorative cosmetic pencils is that it contains antiseptic substances. Such a pencil does not irritate the sensitive mucous membrane of the eye.

The looks are done! Having only shadows and lipstick of a darker shade in your beautician, you can easily turn daytime makeup into a discreet evening. Such type of makeup Jamie Ray Newman is an American singer and actress, known for her role in the series “Mind Games” applying with a pleasure. Subscribe to our Go Beauty channel!

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