How To Do Quick 2020 Fundamental Analysis with Yahoo Finance


Finance How To Do Quick Fundamental Analysis with Yahoo Finance What’s up guys nick here back with another video if you’re uninterested in buying stocks that keep losing your money and you’re frustrated because you’ve got no idea what you’re doing and why you retain losing money then this is the video for you during this video I’m visiting show you what you should be doing before you purchase any random stock how to inform if a corporation is really.

Worth something or totally worthless and the simplest part is I’m visiting show you the way to try to to it quickly and easily from just the phone in your pocket let’s take a glance, okay, therefore, the very first thing that you just need to do is to try and download the yahoo finance app all you have got to do is persist to the google play.

Store or the app store it’s very free and you do not need the premium version and also the next thing you wish to do is to select a stock that you just want to appear at what I’m visiting do is I’m visiting pull up three popular stocks that I hear talked a {couple of} lot in order that you guys can see a number of the differences fine.

So let’s take a glance at some of these companies we’re visiting start out with genius brands finance international let’s hit the main points we’re visiting hit the financials and it will start us out with the income statement sounds like that {they had|they’d}|they’d}|they’d}|they’d}|they’d} five million dollars.

In total revenue and it’s like they ended up with a 12 million dollar loss let’s think again to the record should switch to quarterly we’ll go down take a glance at their assets seems like they had 34 million dollars in assets and that they had 30 million dollars in liabilities.

If you are taking the assets so subtract the liabilities that gives you four million dollars in equity lets compare finance that to their debt seems like they had only two million dollars in debt so that’s a fairly good number 2 million in debt to 4 million in equity let’s take a glance at their revenue and earnings for the past four years.

So it’s like in 2016lost an entire bunch of cash 2017 lost a full bunch of cash2018 they lost a full bunch of money and in 2019 they also lost a full bunch of money so that’s not too good let’s take a glance at the summary and we’re visiting scroll down and we’re going to work out the market cap is basically the total valuation for the business at once so.

If you took all the shares and added them up together at the present share price you’d get the market cap so right away if you got this stock at two dollars and 23 cents per share you would be paying a constant market cap of 485 million dollars so you have got to decide if that’s worthwhile in my opinion there isn’t any way I might pay nearly half a billion dollars for a corporation that’s earnings appear as if this.

I just don’t see how it really makes any sense but I do not know anything about their business so you’d really convince me that it’s worth half a billion dollars and I’d be pretty skeptical of anything that would really say it’s, therefore, the next company we’re going to take a examine at|take a glance at| to observe|study} could be a big company that has been in some trouble recently it’s pretty interesting.

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Once we take a have {a look at|take a glance at| to observe|study} their record what actually occurring with them without delay so let’s click on Boeing Boeing company we’ll hit details so we’ll hit the financials view alright so it’s like their profit-and-loss statement appears like they had 70 billion dollars in revenue but they ended up losing 3 billion so that’s not good they’re} losing money let’s take a look at their record.

We are going to switch to quarterly looks like finance they had 143 billion dollars in assets and they need 152 billion dollars in liabilities so that’s an issue right there that they need more liabilities than they have in assets so let’s just scroll down real quick and take a look at the equity so you see that minus nine billion dollars in equity.

And that is because the liabilities are so much bigger than their assets and so let’s look at their debt is 33 billion dollars in debt and that is long-term debt their current debt meaning debt that they owe within the next years five billion dollars so this is often a problem they have plenty of debt and that they.

Don’t have any equity left and on top of it they’re losing money so that’s not really an honest situation to bein right away let’s take a look at their uh past four years it’s like they had 93 billion dollars in revenue to 5 billion in earnings in order that they made a touch bit of money there feels like 94 to eight so made some money again.

A little bit more then it’s like 10 billion dollars in order that they made a bit bit extra money there in 2018but then last year was the bad year and that they lost half a billion dollars if we return and let’s take a look at the summary again so here’s the market cap for Boeing it’s like they are trading at99 billion dollars for a market cap so.

What you would like to ask yourself is with all of the danger of their record the very fact that they need more liabilities than assets they have a lot of debt and last year they lost money but if things retrieve potentially they could make money I do not know to me it seems a little risky we quite need.

To determine what is going on to travel on with Boeing in the future personally this is often an excessive amount of risk for me to have an interest investing in I want there is a good chance that if you were to shop for it at this price at 100 billion dollars that there is a good chance that it could go down for the following couple of years.

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