How to get an Italian health insurance card ( Tessera Sanitaria )


How to get an Italian health insurance card ( Tessera Sanitaria ) so today we’re gonna be talking about the way to join up for the Italian National Health InsuranceService and in fact, this leads to you getting the Italian health card the”Tessera Sanitaria” and getting an Italian healthcare card does require that you just have some things beforehand so make sure to test out the video I made about how to get a “Carta identity” you do not necessarily.

Need the “Carta identity” itself however there’s a paper that you simply get once you register at the “Comune” (Municipality) but we’ll talk a bit bit more about that piece of paper later in the video and since the Italian healthcare service is funded by taxes the two systems are literally tied into one.

Another and your number for the”Servizio Sanitario Nationale” is really the identical number as your “Codice Fiscale” so make certain to test out my video on the “Codice Fiscale” the Italian fiscal code because having that number is incredibly important to the present process and.

I also made a video giving a fast overview of the Italian healthcare system as an entire because it’s a bit different than what a number of us are used to from abroad all of the links and everything are {going to be|are} below and of course if you would like to determine more videos on these subjects take care that.

You simply subscribed with the notification bell turned on and if you’ll also give this video a like I would really appreciate that because it does help the channel grow but what is the Italian national insurance card and what’s there on this “Tessera Sanitaria” a bit like the Italian positive identification

The health card can are available two forms you’ve got a plastic card which seems like that and you furthermore may have a paper card which might appear as if this but reckoning on your province or region it may look slightly different I’ve got seen from other regions that they need.

A trifold card which could be a tannish color unlike the Italian card it’s not that you just choose one or the opposite you really find yourself getting both but unlike the plastic card, the paper card includes a little of additional information written on it, for instance, the name of your physician the doctor that you’ll move to if you would like any regular basic medical services it.

Should have their name their address their office number and their hours however it may depend on your region what information is strictly shown one other piece of knowledge that may be shown is your doctor may choose to create a note if you’ve got any allergies anything that’s relevant about your anamnesis but to my understanding, you actually only use the paper card once you attend your GP but there’s some data that.

You just will find on both cards, for instance, your “Codice Fiscale” your full name your date of birth your sex where you were born and if you were born outside of Italy I’ll just say the name of your country then below that it’ll say the province but again if.

You were born outside of Italy it’ll just instead have a code for somebody who is born abroad these cards are alleged to expire every five years however if you’re here only with a residency permit or some sort of long term visa the expiration date could also be the identical date because the expiration date of your documents but if you’ve skilled the entire “Jure Sanguines” thing and.

You are an Italian citizen it’s just about never going to have an expiration date like for instance on my paper card it says the date that it was issued so where it says for the expiration date it just says “unlimited” and then on the underside right of the plastic card you’ll also find either the coat of arms or the flag for your province or region and you may notice also on the highest right of the plastic card.

You’ll need the Italian flag and the European Economic Community flag that’s because this plastic card is nice for emergency services across the EU in order that means wherever you go you’re pretty much covered and on the rear of the plastic card a number of this information is repeated together with some other unique numbers and a bit like the “Carta d’Identitá” the Italian card.

This can be another document that you are supposed to carry with you the least bit times one thing that’s actually handy about the modern plastic card is it combines two cards into one it combines your “Codice Fiscale” and your medical card all into one so it saves a touch little bit of space in your wallet so means if you have got the positive identification you do not really want to carry it with you you’ll be able to if.

You wish and that I do not believe you’re even required to carry that card anyway so whether or not you would like to travel to a bank or something and they must know your quota chafe Skyla you’ve got our blue card but how is it that you truly join up for these services and get these cards it’s really not that difficult as long as.

You have got all of the proper documents and what I’ve heard for EU citizens is that you’re supposed to sign up for the services here if you’re getting to be here for quite three months and no matter where you’re from whether or not you’ll actually need to pay into the system will depend upon some things it’ll rely on how you’re legally staying here.

What reasonably visa, if you’re a resident how long you’ve been within the country if you have a piece contract if you’re unemployed if you’ve registered with the unemployment services so on so however for college students as far as I do know.

You actually do have to pay what I’ve heard, is that for one year it’s about 90 something euro and if you’re just a regular adult who’s here for whatever reason I think it’s around three hundred and twenty-something euro those numbers could change at any time so if you want to grasp what proportion everything costs.

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