How to Look Taller and Leaner | 5 Style Principles You Should Follow

Taller and Leaner you’re watching The Modest Man and today I’m visiting to teach you five style tricks that you just can use to appear taller and leaner. Okay, before we get into it I would like to thank my good friends and partners over at The Fifth. If you have been following The Modest Man for any amount of your time now, you recognize that I’m a giant fan of The Fifth as a brand.

I actually like their watches. You’ve seen my reviews, you’ve seen their watches show au courant my outfit posts which are not sponsored. I’m just a devotee of their aesthetic. I prefer how minimal and sleek their watches are and their new collection which is termed the.

Tokyo Collection is maybe the foremost modern and minimal design that they accomplished up to now. So take care to test out The Fifth, there is a link down within the description, and if you get something using the promo code for a special discount. Okay, let’s get into the video. Here are five tips that you simply can use to seem taller and leaner.

Tip preferred I do know you’ve heard it before – confirm your clothes fit. Here’s the thing, I do know every style that YouTubers and bloggers always telling you that you just ought to ensure your clothes fit which fit is that the most vital aspect of favor, and sometimes I desire a broken record because I say it so often but it’s true.

And that I hope that your fit is already a top priority. But just in case you are not convinced, just study these pictures of me wearing a suit. within the suit that does not fit I look younger, less mature, shorter, and that I would argue a touch heavier than I actually am. in a very suit that does fit I look taller, leaner. more mature and more professional.

Now imagine me visiting an employment interview within the suit that does not fit versus the suit that does fit. Who does one consider getting the job? I mean if you do not think that the suit influences the hiring decision, you’re just wrong. So, you recognize if these pictures don’t convince you of the ability to fit I do not know what is going to.

Now fit is especially important when it involves formal clothing like suits and dress shirts. Taller and Leaner So if you have got a suit and dress church or any clothes that do not fit the thing you have got to try to do is you have got to travel find a tailor and take your clothes and see if they’ll actually get altered still fit better.

Now if you do not know the way to try and do that if you have been holding off on getting your clothes tailored if you are not sure what will be fixed and the way much is it visiting cost I created a free guide you’ll check the link down within the description. It quite explains a way to find a tailor, what is tailored, and the way much it’ll cost.

So definitely confirm out if you haven’t yet taken the leap into the globe of alterations and tailoring. Okay, so tip darling, wear clothes that fit. Tip number two, confirm your accessories are in proportion along with your build.

Have you ever ever seen a bloke who has like really small wrists and really tiny hands and they are wearing some huge monstrosity of a watch sort of a 50millimeter case diameter and an enormous chunky strap and it just makes their wrist looks really small and thin and sort of makes them look a bit weak?

Taller and Leaner And I feel irrespective of what quiet guy you’re, we are able to all agree that we do not want to seem weak. that the secret is to wear accessories that are in proportion to your build. Now in the same way if you are a big guy if you have got big,

Fat forearms and big wrists and massive muscular hands, you do not want to wear a little watch because it’s visiting be dwarfed by your features and just visiting look too small for you. Okay? So you would like to wear accessories that fit. And it isn’t just watched, it goes for everything.

Okay, so consider like neckties, as an example, if you are a small, thin you recognize a shorter guy you do not want to wear an enormous wide necktie with the total wins or not. It’s visiting look ridiculous on you. It’s visiting cause you to look smaller and younger than you’re.

Instead, you wish to travel with the slim tie in a very foreign hand knot. It’s visiting look more natural on your body. Okay, so with any accessory just remember trying to stay it in proportion together with your build. Tip number three, don’t cut yourself in half with contrast. I’m talking about the sort of contrast that cuts your body in half horizontally.

So, if you’ve got plenty of contrast between your top half and your bottom half. So for instance, if you’re wearing a white shirt and black pants that’s lots of contrast. In fact, that’s just about the foremost contrast that you just can have between your torso and your legs and that is the worst color combination that a shorter guy can wear.

Taller and Leaner So what you would like to try and do is persist with color combos that are a touch more closely associated with one another. So for instance, navy and grey, blue and green, tan and white. These are colors that are closer together on the color wheel.

So you do not should wear monochromatic outfits each day but you wish to wear colors that are more closely related taller so you eliminate the contrast between the highest half of your body and also the bottom half your body.

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