HOW TO MAKE HAIR SOFT FOR BOYS Making hair softer for boys can be fun. Soft hair feels wonderful on your boy’s face. It makes their faces look smooth and their bodies look lean.

If you have curly hair or just have a more normal hair texture, you can get away with using your natural hair texture for your boy’s styling.

However, if you want to make him super smooth and soft, here are a few tips to keep in mind and Label-m hair products can help him.

Type of hair

First, find out what kind of hair he has. You will need to know his type of hair to know the product he should use. If he has oily hair, you may not be able to get the results you want, because oil is too thick and it will clog the comb. On the other hand, if he has normal or dry hair, you can use any product on his natural hair texture. So find out which type of hair your boy has before you start creating his new style.

Thickness of hair

Next, learn how to properly style a boy’s hair. Some methods work better than others, depending on the thickness of the hair, and the man’s individual preference. Use the following suggestions as a guide. They may not be the best way for your boy, but they are the most popular styles used.

If the hair is thin, start by brushing from the roots to the tip. Work your way up, making small circles. Work your way down, making circular motions until the top of the head starts to feel a little dry.

For thicker hair, do the same, but start at the scalp, brushing slowly and getting closer to the temples. Do the same with thinner hair. Use a finer tooth comb to get started, and start working your way down the hairline, curling or straightening in the direction of the hair’s natural curl. Once you’ve completed the first couple of steps, use a gel or spray to add some body. It’s important to keep the hair wet while styling, so the body doesn’t stick to the brush.

Use a moisturizer

When you’re finished, use a moisturizer to finish the style. If it looks a bit messy at the bottom, it probably is too heavy for the starting position. If you want, you can also use hairspray or gel to lock in the style. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, you might want to use multiple sprays or even multiple combs. A high quality hair product can help give a fuller look and keep your money’s worth. You can also wash the product out more thoroughly if necessary.

Bottom back tightly

Finally, to complete the job, pull the elastic at the bottom back tightly, making sure that it’s secure. Secure the rest of the hair into a ponytail, or use a secure headband. Ready for the best part? Now you just pull on the elastic again and you have a very soft, manageable tousled look that can be worn every day or bimonthly. The key is to start slow, let the hair air dry, and work up to more advanced styles. Soon you’ll find that this is one of the easiest ways to make boys’ hair look sexier and more manly.


One of the best things about this styling aid is that it’s completely natural. He won’t notice a difference in your hair until you tell him. And once he does, he’ll be gone the minute you’re done. So, there’s really nothing to fuss over, nothing to test, and no chemicals to worry about. All you’ve got to do is gently encourage the boy to take his shirt off (if he’s not using it) and tuck his body into the elastic. It’s that simple!

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