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Indian Characters Who Performed In Hollywood Movies and Shows

There are many characters and actors who perform different roles on different shows and movies as either Indians, Koreans and other nationalities who add more to the shows. These talented individuals make the cast stronger and add diversity. One of the best things about these characters and stars is that they perform animated or non-animated roles. Let’s have a look at the different characters that you might know of and have provided the best entertainment to people all the time:


Movie/Show Name: Big Bang Theory

Played/Voiced By: Kunal Nayyar

From: Hounslow, United Kingdom

Raj from the Big Bang Theory is one of the best characters of the show. In the show, he played the role of an astrophysicist who is addicted to games, suffers from anxiety attacks and is often the cause of problems because of his metrosexuality. Though he is not one of the main characters of the show, he is important to the entire plot of the show as he brings around a level of freshness and innocence to the viewers. His humor involves hardly stereotypical intelligence. You can watch Kunal Nayyar with his superb acting as Raj in the Big Bang Theory. The best way to do so is to use Spectrum’s select tv package that provides entertainment and affordability at the same time. 


Movie/Show Name: The Mindy Project

Played/Voiced By: Mindy Kaling

From: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

The Mindy Project had the central role in the show for a woman of Indian origin so she played the role of Mindy Lahiri. Mindy Lahiri in The Mindy Project is a gynecologist who had been unlucky in finding love and true relationships. She had her share of flings and relationships. The show was written by herself along with many notable stars who made guest appearances in the show. 


Movie/Show Name: Jungle Book

Played/Voiced By: Bruce Reitherman

From: Burbank, California, United States

Mowgli has always been one of the characters that people remember as the lovable human child that was brought up by the wolves. The show has all the characters of Indian origin as set by the legendary book by Rudyard Kipling. Throughout history, Mowgli has been voiced and portrayed by different individuals including Bruce Reitherman, Neel Sethi, Brandon Baker, Rohan Chand, Sabu Dastagir, Sean Naegel, Jason Scott Lee, Jamie Williams and many others. Mowgli has become part of research and thesis in India and has become one of the best bedtime stories in the west.


Movie/Show Name: The Archies

Played/Voiced By: N/A

From: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

In Archie Comics the character of Kevin Keller was one of the openly gay characters. However, Raj was one of the characters who had amazing intellect and was the son of a doctor father, a mother who was a scientist and has a sister. Raj is portrayed as an amateur filmmaker who studied at Riverdale. He likes to shoot small video clips that starred his friends and other teenagers he knew. He had a channel on the internet that had some fans. Sometimes he could be seen having issues deciding when to use the camera and used to annoy his friends with his poor timing. Following his passion for making video clips he gets asked to shoot a movie in India with his gang at Riverdale High.


Movie/Show Name: Harold And Kumar

Played/Voiced By: Kal Penn

From: Burbank, California, United States

The movie series is often considered a way to portray the western point of view about the life of immigrants in the United States and other minority characters. There are Indian characters that are depicted as caricatures or are considered unimportant. The more or less the same thing can be seen with Korean characters who have received the same treatment. In the Harold and Kumar series, the character of Kumar is of a free-spirited individual who often seems extrovert. In the movie, he tries to portray someone who sees more to life unlike becoming a doctor like his father and brother. 


Movie/Show Name: The Simpsons

Played/Voiced By: Hank Azaria 

From: Forest Hills, New York, United States

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon has been one of the most racially stereotypical characters that aired on the oldest TV shows in History. The creators of the characters might have written the character with the idea that revolves around Indians in the society. Apu has a fair amount of screen time while the show aired in along with so many episodes that had Apu as a main character. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, introducing Indian characters and characters from other nationalities adds more to Hollywood series. Also, it allows people from different races to relate themselves with that character and the series as well. 


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