Office 365 Skills and Certifications You Must Have


Office 365 is a community of subscriptions for software and services. It was developed by Microsoft, and it has many uses in various industries. It makes it simpler for a company to maintain its records effectively, in addition to offering the important benefits of resources such as Word, Excel and OneNote. It is easy to navigate all the modules of Office 365 via an online platform.

It lets users be manually added, migrate from CSV files, and can also be configured with a localized Active Directory with single sign-on via Active Directory Federation Services. It has obviously lifted the inventory of Microsoft in the view of the business world, with obvious advantages and expanded outreach. Read about the Office 365 updates here.

Here are the benefits MS Office 365 offers:

  • Data control and security
  • Portability 
  • Better organization
  • No licensing required
  • Improve Mailbox Storage

Important Microsoft Office 365 Skills 

The reality that Office 365 is very huge is not to be denied. Office 365 is an updated continuation of the classic versions and the productivity suite has some new features included. Since it is quick to understand, this software suite is commonly used.

As you strive to find answers to tough inquiries and requests raised by the challenge at hand, the level of competence and preparation needs to increase. There are some talents, however, that you must practice before heading out and searching for a job.

Office 365 Licenses, Users, and Groups Management: 

One must have detailed knowledge of licenses, users, and groups for MS Office 365. This will allow you to properly handle MS Office 365.           

Rights Management Service Activation in the MS Office 365 Admin Center: 

It is a valuable and necessary ability because it can secure and incorporate all forms of files with user applications including MS Excel, MS Word, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, as well as servers including MS Exchange and SharePoint.

MS Office 365 Connectivity Issues Troubleshooting: 

A MS Office 365 administrator must be well educated in Office 365 troubleshooting. An autonomous system is extremely likely to experience any problems over a longer period.

By removing all the potential triggers one after the other, an IT administrator must be able to find out the root of a problem until he can identify the problem and fix the problem. It is also able to correct an office installation through the control panel; nevertheless, it is not a proper option for fixing unique problems.

MS Excel Functionality: 

Designed into MS Office 365, Excel is a versatile tool. One must be acquainted with MS Excel to find solutions and handle verbose data. As a consumer, you must be able to manage the data, modify data, and at least use the if-then-else statement, which is always accurate.

Keyboard Shortcuts: 

In your arsenal, shortcuts can be critical cogs. Shortcuts enable you to improve your productivity and performance by helping you to producing or delivering your mission.

Why You Should Get Your Hand on Office 365 Certifications and Courses

Employers are searching for seasoned IT professionals who can design an Office 365 setting, configure it, and manage it. It is difficult to grasp what employers are searching for, so most interviewees do not get through the final rounds.

Not only can you improve your set of skills with a course in MS Office 365, but you will also be able to break interviews as well. You would feel much more secure in your skills and excel in your career after an Office 365 certification. Training in Office 365 is useful for both IT managers and users who want to boost their levels with Microsoft resources such as MS Word and MS Excel.

Top Office 365 Certifications in 2021

MS 365 Certified: Developer Associate

This certification by Microsoft is specifically designed for developers on the MS Office 365 platform who are responsible for developing, creating, deploying, and managing applications and services. Subjects such as introducing Microsoft Identity, developing applications with MS Graph, expanding and personalizing SharePoint, and developing plugins for MS.

Teams and Office are addressed in the developing applications and services with Microsoft 365 Core Services test. It is recommended that you be fluent in Microsoft Identity as well as MS Graph to apply for the test, have basic knowledge of User Interface components, identify integration points and also be able to evaluate goals for the workflow platform.

MS 365 Certified: Fundamentals

The fundamentals of all Microsoft 365 cloud computing are covered in this certification and also how they vary from the on-premise models. The research modules cover Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 migration, security fundamentals, how to handle premium services, and how to select the best model for cloud deployment.

Cloud principles, core MS 365 services, and support and pricing are covered by the test. You will also be asked to clarify how the services of MS 365 relate to security, enforcement, trust, and privacy. If you are just getting your steps into the MS 365 suite, it is a fine place to begin, as you will not need to pass an inspection. The program consists of 9 modules covering all facilities and products for MS 365.

MS 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate

This certification is intended to validate the capabilities to protect hybrid and enterprise environments for Microsoft Office 365, introduce and manage security and enforcement solutions, respond quickly to threats and enforce data governance.

You will have to take the Microsoft 365 Security Administration exam to obtain the certification.  Awareness of Microsoft 365 filesystems and abilities and experience in identity protection, threat protection, information protection, data governance, and security management are recommended.

MS 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate

This certification is intended for IT staff responsible for installing, configuring, handling, troubleshooting and tracking receipts, licenses, mail flow, mail protection, and public folders in cloud and hybrid  business environments.

Of The MS 365 Messaging test includes skills such as the ability to control organizational resources and settings, to control and execute the mail architecture, to execute and plan hybrid configurations as well as migrations, and sustainable development of environments for messaging.


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