PS4 Pro Ultimate Guide

PS4 Pro ultimate guide is here. So you guys may have seen a bit video called Building the final word PSI where Ken picked out a selection of accessories of varying actual usefulness. Well today, it is the PSI Pro’s turn. first of all, we’ve got the Crucial MX300 SAD. Therefore the PSI Pro comes stocked with a 1 terabyte disk drive, but it is a pretty slow mechanical drive.

Whereas with the MX300we’re getting much faster game load times with a full SAD. Installing a drive is pretty easy. All you are doing is a type of pry off this tiny piece on the rear of the PSI. With a Philips screwdriver, there’s just one screw holding the quality Winchester drive in situ. So once we pull the stock disc drive out there are just four screws that hold it within the cage and that we can just drop the SAD in.

Now like I said you cause a tough drive or a SAD. Because we’re building the last word PSI Pro, having that faster speed is good. But if you simply want more cupboard space, this is often an extremely easy way of doing it. Just ensure you ‘reusing a 2.5-inch drive that’s not quite 9.5 millimeters thick. But, said, a terabyte isn’t enough space for your PSI. Well, that’s where this game drive comes in.


So this can be a USB disc drive with a further two terabytes of capacity. So this is often a particular PSI branded drive, but it actually really doesn’t matter. just about any USB 3.0 drive and it’s over 256 gigs of capacity should work. So all we’d like to try to do is plug it into at least one of the USB ports on the rear, and now we’re up to 3 terabytes with our PSI Pro. But that’s not even near being done.

Next, we’ve got a cooling fan for the PSI Pro. Now in our building the last word PSI and Xbox One videos we did try these inner coolers, and on the Xbox, it had been basically useless, and on the PSI may be a touch bit less so. So once you consider that the PSI Pro has such a lot of power without a ton of ventilation, in theory, something like this might work, but I’m a bit suspicious.

2.Fan Speed

So something like this? Oh yeah. Okay, I mean, I actually do quite appreciate how it does the type of follow up with the microscopic quite triple stack design. It actually doesn’t look too crazy, although it’s a decline in quality already. Around the back, there are two fan speed settings moreover as an auto mode, so I suppose when the PSI Pro gets hot this can start kicking up the fans.

The sole real issue here besides the very fact that it’s probably not visiting do anything, is that it’s powered via USB. Now, normally this may be fine. You plug it into the port back here and no issues. However because we’re getting down to make full more and more accessories, we’re running out of ports. about you think that. this can be a USB hub for the PS4 Pro, and yeah, things are about to get goofy in here.

So a bit like the cooling fan, this could snap right onto the front of the PS4 Pro. So it takes up both of the USB ports, in exchange gives us four USB 2.0 moreover as a USB 3.0. Yes, okay! That-uh, that really does kind of fit. So things are starting to look just a bit goofy with the PS4 Pro. However, it is time to require it up a notch. So this is often the G-Story gaming monitor for the PS4 Pro.

Now the thought is simply just like the PS1, this is often a gaming monitor that will actually last top of your PS4. So you recognize how many people were complaining when the PS4 Pro came out that it looked a touch bit like an Oreo with the triple stack design? Well, I desire this is often, this can be going to improve things with a quadruple stack design. (laughing) Oh man, this is often going to be fun. So I believe we just use these little clips to merely hold it into place.

Yeah. It’s actually not regrettable. All right, so that, that’s looking plenty more just like the ultimate PSI Pro. You recognize sometimes when we’re doing a video, I just need to quite like take a step back and go, oh wow, right. this is often my job. I purchase to try to do this. this can be sort of a thing I can do on a daily basis. Here we go. Yes! (laughing) that the very first thing I’m noticing, this monitor is truly mammoth.

It’s full 1080p. This might look totally impractical, but because the display doesn’t add anything to the footprint of the PSI Pro it actually could be in an exceedingly tight area like sort of a desk or during a dormitory. The panel itself also isn’t unfortunate.

So yes, it is not going gown quite an equivalent expertise as a full four gambling monitor. However, the color and particularly the distinction is plenty higher than I might expect. Once data formatting our USB drive we tend to currently see that added to our one computer memory unit unhappy, we tend to even have 2 terabytes offered on currently.


This is often really a very helpful issue for Xbox in addition to an enzyme that it makes it plenty less complicated to be ready to simply plug one and particularly once we have associate degree unhappy, the games that you just play plenty you ought to stick with it the interior drive. However stuff {that you simply} solely play often just throw it on the Winchester drive and ditch it.

The cooler could be a little bit tougher to justify. Thus affirmative if you’re taking a glance at it it’s doing one thing as so {much} as having the ability to exhaust a lot of air out of this professional however it’s much louder than the PS4 by itself, and it is not like it’s planning to keep it from bottle-necking or provide you with any further performance.

Thus whereas it’s nice to possess that USB three.0 pass-through in addition to the four extra ports, we tend to were really having some issues plugging within the Winchester drive. Its unbroken variety of disconnecting makes Pine Tree State assume that this can be one thing simple to skip.

Thus this is often the final word PSI professional and it really clothed higher than I used to be expecting. Thus as perpetually, links to all these elements are within the description, and I am curious, what do one guy have confidence in our final PS4 Pro? Let Pine Tree State grasp within the comments below and that I can catch you on successive one.

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