STAR+PLUS: Enrollment Tips 2020

STAR+PLUS for your Medicaid health care services like doctor visits, hospital visits, and medicines. This video has important information to help you enroll in Linda: If you are a person with IDD and are eligible to enroll in STAR+PLUS, you should have gotten a letter about it.

The letter tells you about STAR+PLUS, how you can get Medicaid services through STAR+PLUS and what you’ll need to do to get enrolled. Melissa: If you have someone who helps you– an authorized representative – the letter might have gone to that person. While some adults will be required to receive services through STAR+PLUS, enrollment into STAR+PLUSis voluntary for children and young adults under 21 years of age. Linda: First, it’s important to know thatSTAR+PLUS coverage starts Sept. 1.

Before then, you’ll need to pick a STAR+PLUS medical plan. A plan will be chosen for you if you are an adult and don’t pick a plan before Aug. 15. In June, you will get a packet in the mail with more information on the STAR+PLUShealth plans available to you in your area.

That packet will have several things in it including • A letter that explains the steps you need to take to enroll in STAR+PLUS. • A chart you can use to see what value-added or extra services each health plan offers. These value-added charts are printed on blue paper.

And a list of answers to common questions about STAR+PLUS. Linda: Some packets also will include:• A Medical Enrollment Form you can use to let us know which STAR+PLUS health plan you picked. • A list of presentations in your area where you can learn more about STAR+PLUS.

This list is printed on pink paper.• And directories from each STAR+PLUS health plan in your area showing what doctors and other service providers are in the plan network. A more up-to-date directory can be found on each health plan website. Melissa: If you live in or around one of the big cities in Texas your packet also will have:

A piece called “How do the health plans measure up?” This is a kind of report card showing how the STAR+PLUS health plans in your area are rated by people in your area who are members of the plan. If you don’t get one of these report cards in your pocket, that means the STAR+PLUS plans are new to your area and have not yet been rated. Your letter will have a link to a website where you can see how the plans available to you in other areas of the state.

Before we talk about picking a health plan, let’s take a closer look at the letter. Your age and the health-care benefits you get now will determine what you get from STAR+PLUS. The letter you get will have information that is specific to your situation.

The letter also will have step-by-step instructions for how to enroll and how to let us know which STAR+PLUS health plan you picked. And all letters will have toll-free phone numbers you can call to get answers to your questions.

So how do you go about picking an aSTAR+PLUS health plan? Use the materials in your packet. The blue value-added charts have a column listing value-added services. These are extra services that you can get through STAR+PLUS.

There are also columns for each STAR+PLUS health plan in your area. Find a service that you’d like and follow that row across to see which plan offers the service. This can help you decide which plan to pick. The charts also list each plan’s toll-free phone number and the website you can use to find out more about the plan. The report card also can help you decide.

Each plan is rated on 10 topics. Again, find the topic that interests you and follow it across to see how each plan was rated by people in that plan. Melissa: And, the provider directories can be used to help you pick a plan. Is your doctor or specialist part of the plan’s network of providers?

If so, you might want to pick that plan. If you don’t find your doctor in any of the provider directories, look for the sheet of paper in your pocket that says“Don’t see your doctor in any of the provider directories we sent? You can use them to call the plan or look at the online version of the plan’s provider directory to see if your doctor is listed as part of the network.

You might want to meet with someone to help you with the enrollment process. The pink sheet has a list of offices where you can meet with staff members to get more information. Melissa: Once you’ve decided which STAR+PLUShealth plan you want to enroll in,

You need to let us know which one you’ve picked. You can let us know by filling out and returning the Medical Enrollment Form or by calling us toll-free using the phone number listed in the letter. You can also go online to YourTexasBenefits.comand select your health plan.

Step-by-step instructions on how to enroll online are included in your letter. Linda: You are the best person to choose a health plan that you like and that meets your needs. We hope that you will do this before the August 15, 2014 deadline. Melissa: If you have questions about any step in the enrollment process, call us toll-free at 1-877-782-6440. We hope you found this video helpful. Linda: Thanks for watching.

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