Top 5 Google Cloud Certifications

After our last blog, the Google cloud certification course has expanded dramatically. Google provides 3 certifications at the time of our last review, 1 at the associate level and 2 at the professional level. Google also provides 1 associate-level qualification, 5 professional-level programs, and a G Suite collaboration and productivity platform program. Among the most popular GCP certifications are:

  • Professional Cloud Architect
  • Associate Cloud Engineer
  • Professional Cloud Network Engineer
  • Professional Cloud Developer
  • Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Applicants must complete a single test to obtain a Google credential. Both tests are cheap, with professional-level tests costing 200 Dollars, associate-level tests costing 125 Dollars, and the G Suite test costing 75 Dollars.

Kryterion examination centers are required for professional and associate exams. The G Suite test is currently administered online. Although no basic requirements are needed for any credential, training is strongly encouraged, and Google offers connections to different training opportunities on the examination website page.

Professional Cloud Architect (Google Cloud Platform)

The Professional Cloud Architect helps companies use Google Cloud technology effectively and efficiently. PCAs should learn everything there is to know about cloud infrastructure in particular, and the Google Cloud Framework in general. Individuals who pass this certification can develop, design, and maintain diverse Google Cloud Platform services that are reliable, safe, highly available, and scalable to fulfill organizational requirements

The assessments for the Professional Cloud Architect are structured to test these unique skills about Google Cloud Platform technologies:

  • A cloud solution framework must be managed and configured.
  • Build a cloud solution model and map it out.
  • To develop procedures, processes, and practices, perform business and technical evaluations.
  • Develop compliant and secure cloud solutions.
  • Organize cloud architecture deployments.
  • Ascertain that cloud operations and solutions are available and secure.

An individual can take several similar Professional Cloud Architect training concepts online via Quickstart or in the classroom, depending on their budgets and requirements. The same tests and tasks that are available for the ACE are also available for the PCA.

The Professional Cloud Architect is a more advanced certification that would cater to specialists in their middle to early career who want to work as a cloud engineer in a large organization. As a result, the ACE acts as a decent warm-up for the PDE (even though it isn’t a standard requirement).

Associate Cloud Engineer (Google Cloud Platform)

The Associate Cloud Engineer is responsible for the implementation of software, the control of activities, and the management of business applications. To accomplish popular platform-based functions, she or he may use Google Cloud command line and Portal. In the Google Cloud framework, an ACE also manages one or more distributed applications that use either self-managed or Google services.

The ACE tests are designed to evaluate these particular skills about Google Cloud services to qualified applicants:

  • Google Cloud Platform framework planning and configuration
  • How to Setup Cloud Platform framework
  • Verify that a Google Cloud Platform framework runs smoothly.
  • Build a Google Cloud Platform framework and implement it.
  • Set up a Google Cloud Platform framework security and access controls.

Google suggests 2 training programs: Google Cloud Platform Architecting: Infrastructure and Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Architecture, both of which are accessible in ILT and online formats. Both of these programs are also available via Quickstart. To facilitate hands-on experience and learning, Qwiklabs also provides Google Platform Basics workshops and a Cloud Architect Search.

It’s entirely fair to consider the Associate Cloud Engineer as the Google Cloud System’s entry-level certification. It’s more likely to cater to IT specialists in their beginning or mid-career who are involved in cloud technology and who operate for (or want to operate for) the Google Cloud Service. The Associate Cloud Engineer is an excellent way for those individuals to gain and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to configure, manage, and deploy a runtime system based on the Google Platform.

Professional Cloud Network Engineer

A Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer is a Google Cloud Platform network architect who implements and maintains network architectures. Effective applicants should be familiar with techniques like network services, hybrid networking, VPCs, core network security, and the Google Cloud Platform Console command line, in comparison to GCP.

The examination is thorough and includes the following concepts:

  • Using Google Cloud Platform to Build a VPC.
  • GCP network prototyping, design, and planning.
  • Hybrid connectivity implementation.
  • Network services configuration.
  • Monitoring and managing network operations.
  • Network security implementation
  • Network resources optimization

Core Networking and Infrastructure in GCP are 2 courses that are strongly suggested.  Quickstart provides workshops for networking in the Google network and cloud efficiency and configuration if you want to get some hands-on experience.

Professional Cloud Developer

The Professional Cloud Developer is for applicants who develop, design, deploy, and test highly scalable and available apps using Google solutions, tools, and best practices. An individual should have the required expertise to accomplish integrate GCP monitor and services app performance. Individuals must be able to effectively utilize Stackdriver to configure, produce metrics, and trace code, which is not addressed on the test. It’s also a good idea to know at least 1 general computer language.

The test is structured to determine an individual’s abilities to use Goggle Cloud Platform services and activities in 5 areas:

  • Testing and building apps
  • Cloud-native apps designing
  • GCP Services integration
  • Applications implementation
  • Planning performance monitoring for applications

Applicants can use references to an exam description and example case studies on the training website page to support the practice for the examination

Professional Cloud Security Engineer

The Professional Cloud Security Engineer is another recent addition to the Google credential portfolio. CSEs are specialists in industry compliance standards, laws, best methodologies, and authentication-related issues and techniques including access and identity management, data security, utilizing Google Cloud Platform, network security configuration, event management, log analysis, and proposing organization-wide security procedures. CSEs are also capable of developing, implementing, and maintaining stable infrastructures on GCP.

The test verifies that an applicant can:

  • Network security configuration
  • Within a cloud solution setting, configure access.
  • Operate in a cloud-based solution setting.
  • Ensure data security.
  • Meet with all legislation


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